Event Assets

The changing landscape of the event industry,  multi-purpose use requirements for venues and changing planning laws in Australia, have paved the way for a range of new, regenerated event spaces.

pm works alongside a range of organizations including private investment firms, state / local government and hotels to realise the potential of their assets.

Our services include planning,  venue construction & livery management , resources management (traffic, security, cleaning), venue sales and bookings. 

We have managed event assets for sporting facilities, hotels, entertainment precincts, public laneways, accommodation facilities, wineries and more.

Project Management

Bringing together a range of teams and organisations to realise major strategic projects is a key skill for pm.

We have worked with global teams to manage the roll-out of new projects in the South East Asian region including sales & marketing initiatives, events, retail operations and hospitality relocations. 

Our services include planning and strategy, approvals, construction, media partnerships and multi-territory management.

We have managed major projects for beverage companies, ski resorts, travel companies and hotel chains.

Activation / Experience

Every brand wants a long lasting engagement with their potential and existing customers.

Over the years Premium Media has created a large range of template, bespoke and mobile event activations / experiences for brands, agencies & organisations.

We hire planes, take over buildings, shut down streets, create first time partnerships, and build operate brilliant pop-ups. We have managed launches, christmas parties, charity dinners, awards programs and much more. We can align some of the biggest names in sporting, celebrity and entertainment world to brand properties.

We love first to market concepts, we engage in the latest technology to amplify the brand message and help them hit our client’s KPIs. 

Major Events

While we have produced most events you could think of, our mainstay has been large-scale event management, focussing on the management of audiences from 1000 – 100 000.

We have created, programmed and managed over 50 major events including music festivals for 20 000 people, food festivals for 75 000, multiple street fairs, road closures, art installations & much more. 

pm manages all elements of major events; planning, logistics, stakeholder management, traffic, security, entertainment / programming, site  and production management.

Our clients include media companies, national and international festival promoters, government agencies, clothing brands and more.


The world of strategic partnerships is a fast moving and ever changing arena. Newly structured deals are taking place daily to cope with changing economies, industries, technology and working methodology.

pm works alongside a range of brands / organisations to manage their outreach to their respective industries, media outlets and sponsored partners.

Our services include sponsorship / partnership strategy, engagement, roll-out and management along with associated event  / public relations requirements.

We have managed sponsorship and partnership requirements for a range of industries including Education, Music, F&B, Government & not for profit.